Housing Shortage is Inflationery!

Governments deliberate influence on Property Prices will be highly inflationary Population Growth Recent Census of 2016 provided a big surprise that Australia is growing faster than we estimated and planned for with a growth of 1.553% last year alone to over 24 million people. Victoria had strongest growth of 2.4% followed by ACT 1.71%, NSW […]

You cannot grow a Population and punish Investors at the same time!

  May I urge you to sit up and take note, serious note   Never before in our lifetime has so many sound fundamentals been in place all at the same time making investment in selected residential property such a sound investment choice over 7 – 10 years   BUT, I cannot fathom why the […]

Melbourne Price Growth Strongest in Four years !

Median House Price in Melbourne hits record breaking high of $830,000   REIV “Melbourne’s median house price smashing through the $800,000 barrier for the first time” Melbourne continues to have the strongest population growth and a very high insatiable demand for property to own or rent; plus a very low supply of vacant dwellings … […]

Changes to Stamp Duties in Victoria

*$30,000 in your pocket rather? Last Chance for you the Investor to invest with Stamp Duty Savings !   Thinking of Investing : Enter into a Contract prior to end July 2017 and current Stamp Duty Incentives still apply, why pay the Victorian Government extra Taxes when you could be Paying Yourself these same monies?!?! […]

Invest in Metropolitan Melbourne

Local government areas just beyond the Melbourne metropolitan area are increasingly attracting the attention of home buyers and investors The big attractions are relatively low prices, a more relaxed lifestyle and the ability to commute to city jobs nodes. The standout areas are Cardinia Shire in the far south-east and both Mitchell Shire and Macedon […]