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What successful people say

Asking a successful person what they would have done differently on their investment journey knowing what they know today, their answers include : Learn what you don’t know you don’t

Are you looking for sound and professional investment property advice and guidance?

“properT network are professional investment property advisors and your trusted team working with you to fulfill our guarantee to save you time, stress and money in coming to your own informed, educated and strategic property investment decision!”


One of the most important benefits of working with an Acquisition Adviser who is also a Property Mentor, is our qualified ability to work with you, to fully understand your own reasons and purpose of why you want to invest and what your end goal is, then to provide you with access to the information you need to understand the preferred investment strategy or property market required to meet your own goals, requirements and purpose for investing

From the fundamentals, the numbers, facts and figures to the more local, ‘ground-level’ knowledge so that you can secure an Investment Grade property which matches your goals and reasons why. We help you match a selection of ‘best fit’ strategies and properties to your preferred outcome.

When investing, is it possible to answer “What don’t you know that you don’t know?”


What do we do to best serve you

After all these years, people who know me still ask “what is it that you actually do and what is your title?”

A good question and very challenging to to put myself into a Career Title but here goes …

For want of a better Title how about referring to me as an “Acquisition Adviser and Property/Investment Mindset Mentor.”

With more property investors actively seeking help in finding quality investment grade property and in making informed investment decisions my role as your Acquisition Adviser and Mentor is all encompassing wide and varied, whilst tailored to your own purpose and investment goals.

We are well informed strategic partners to both yourself and to property providers across Australia to save you time, stress and money.

Work with us as your acquisition Advisers and Property Mentors to do what is right by you. properT network is an emerging trend in this space, especially as you the investor becomes more educated, sophisticated and have the need to match the investment vehicle to your own goals and preferred outcomes but lack the essential (or some of the essential) information, how the numbers work, the fundamentals and of course which property ‘best fits’ your requirements and why.

Where you have limitations we offer value through our strengths such as having over a decade successfully mentoring our clients on their journey towards their own financial independence, being avid writers writing about wealth creation and blogs around property and investment strategies, having years of actual market experience, 24/7 market research, industry contacts, understanding how the numbers which underpin your investment work for you and more.

Working with you to allow you to make a smarter choice and taking the guesswork out of where a better return on your investment could be.

Getting the investment decision right at the outset will affect the compounded effects of your investment over the next 7 to 10 years or over the life of the investment property in your hands. If this outcome could be $300k or $500k more in your hands, wouldn’t you prefer to be armed adequately enough upfront before you make this all important decision?

Getting this decision right at the outset will also allow you to secure your next and next investment property that much sooner … how much more wealth you stand a chance of accumulating when you get the decision right compared to how much less (for the exact same monies invested) you will have when you get it wrong by listening to the wrong people!

This is where properT network lends you our learned experience, honed skills and market knowledge and strengths and thus work with you to take a more holistic approach to building your Investment Property Portfolio that much more efficiently for a vastly improved outcome over going it alone and getting it even partly wrong.

We sit in a niche segment and share specific advice on mitigating investment risk whilst maximising investment returns for you.

Astute investors these days actively seek out assistance from their financial planner, mortgage broker, a buyers agent or accountant who may not have the skills, understanding, experience and strength that an Acquisition Adviser and Property Mentor has; they may present as your go to professional but will give you advice based on their (lack of) experience.

So you need to ask yourself “to whom would you rather listen to and take advice from?”  who can you get to know, like and trust then go with that person who you know has your best interests at heart.


What is your “Why”, the reasons and purpose for your investment?

Our role is to achieve an in depth understanding of where you are now, where you wish to be financially and by when, your likes and dislikes, preferences and objectives but more importantly what are the reasons why you want to invest; and this is before we get to share any strategy or recommendations with you.

On achieving this understanding and knowing you better, we then  discuss and share strategy, data and market research, provide a selection of properties which could best match your preferences, provide an overall comprehensive investment strategy based on your personal circumstances, goals, capabilities, limitations and work with you to manage and grow your own portfolio … enabling you the investor to make smarter and informed investment decisions in a time-poor and often ill-advised environment with too much information and not knowing what you don’t know.

One of the most important benefits of working with an Acquisition Adviser is the ability to access the information you need to understand a particular market—from the numbers, facts and figures to the more local, ‘ground-level’ knowledge.

While you may be aware of the due diligence that you have to do, it may be quite hard to retrieve all the information you need to conduct a substantial research.

If you do get access to them all by yourself, chances are you have spent more time on it than you intend to or found more information that you can make sense of and, as a result, delayed the growth of your portfolio due to indecision, confusion or not certain who to listen to.

Making use of qualified and professional Acquisition Advisers, you do not only get access to reports but also get connected with trusted industry professionals who will better educate you to become familiar with the market fundamentals, population growth, demographics, supply and demand, and movements.

“The value proposition is to be able to understand what’s happening at the ground-level in that location, understanding what’s going on with infrastructure, having sufficient market information at hand to be confident in your decision to not proceed or to be committed to yourself and proceed.”

“It’s the fusion of data with that ground-level intel that provides the advisers the opportunity to say ‘This is why this yield is going to most likely be maximised in this area.’ It’s a fusion of powerful data sources that an investor, independently, may not have access to and matching this data and the investment vehicle to your own goals and strategies”

Skills and knowledge play big roles in the way we professionally assist you in your wealth-creation journey by  first and foremost, getting to know your goals, capabilities and requirements as an investor …we seek to understand your objectives and expectations.

“The research should support your objective. If not then refocus on your initial preferred outcome and share this with us again so that we can then revisit and match the investment location and vehicle to your original ‘WHY’.”

By working within your personal circumstances, we come up with an investment strategy and a selection of properties which ‘best fit’ your ‘why’ which can fast track your own optimal success.


“The value proposition to you, is to be able to understand what’s happening at the ground-level in that location, understanding what’s going on with infrastructure, having sufficient market information at hand o be confident in your decision to not proceed or to be committed to yourself and proceed in line with your own purpose!”

properT network …your personalised Investment Property team of professionals.

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