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Right now, you the potential purchaser can be overwhelmed by choice and the worry that you won’t get value for your money – that is why successful property developers and properT network deliberately focus on building relationships, educating and fostering trust with buyers / investors like yourself first, we help you feel at ease with your informed purchasing decision

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FACT : Parts of are undergoing incredible growth on the back of the strong and planned for Melbourne Population Growth.

The very high migration and immigration into Victoria means Melbourne is one of Australia's fastest growing cities.

This growth is resulting in billions of dollars of infrastructure investment into road and rail infrastructure, schools, employment hubs, hospitals etc.

Increased Government and Industry investment is crating new jobs and the ongoing increasing demand for property in Melbourne and outer Melbourne continues to strengthen unabated.

Supply of dwellings just can't keep up ... can you chose to ignore this opportunity?

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Undersupply of Rental Property – Very High Demand!

Property values continue to strengthen and Rents continue to Increase.
RP Data says these figures indicate the unarguable virtues of a buy & hold investment strategy that is designed for long term success, “with property values, rents & subsequently rental yields having historically proven to increase over time.” Predict that the ongoing housing shortage & worsening affordability issues due to inflationary pressures will see rents continue to rise into the future, while the next twelve months will see fairly flat growth for property prices. However the report adds, “With an insufficient supply of homes, upward pressure will remain on housing prices over the long term.”

Can the Federal Government Support an Ageing Population

There is not doubt that the government is unable to support it's ageing population now or into the future! This is one of the primary purposes of growing the Australian population & importing skilled migrants. Issues arise because or dire shortages of infrastructure to support this wave of immigration & migration into our larger cities. Housing, roads, public transport, waste, shopping etc (infrastructure) is required to support the growth. Planned expansion corridors moving from CBD's outwards are in the prosess ... click here