History teaches us …

“Why do 20% of the population ensure that their families and their next generations will be financially set up and make the investment decisions which improve their own financial well being? “ Why do 80% of people always look for reasons not to take action to make a difference knowing full well that they will […]

Timing the Property Market?

The Psychology of Property Investing   Statistically : trying to time the market is an incorrect investment strategy to follow “What with all the micro reporting data readily available today, perhaps investors decision making is becoming clouded and commitment is waning whilst waiting for that ‘perfect time’ to invest?!?”   And so we procrastinate and […]

Sunshine Coast – a property price growth leader

Today I was sent an article written on 6 Nov 2018 by property analyst and expert Terry Ryder from Hotspotting Before I post the article, it certainly backs up what properT network have been forecasting for the past 6 years and we still view Sunshine Coast as a premier location for investment. Enjoy the information […]

Melbourne & Victorian Property Update

Melbourne Median House Price Nov 2018 $834,000 Melbourne is actually fairly stable according to REIV “Melbourne to become Australia’s largest city; it is likely to have a significant infrastructure boom which will strengthen the economy whilst the strong population growth soundly underpins the value of property markets in the medium to long term future.”   […]

Why invest or live in the City of Wyndham

  Interesting read as to how the purchase price of Lots continues to grow (contrary to media hype) adding value to you the home buyer or investor more per annum. With a planned doubling of population in the Western Growth Corridor land values can only keep going up on the back of a growing demand, […]