Heading towards Retirement / Dowsizing ?

Baby Boomers Downsizing

“Retire in the Lifestyle you Deserve and Want for yourself …”

“Our pledge is to save you time, stress and money.”

Some of the issues we continue to encounter with our clients and clients we continually get referred to include :

  • My house is now too big and costly
    • The family home has become too large and expensive to maintain
    • I can’t believe how expensive ongoing maintenance has gotten
    • I keep putting off certain important fixes I need to do as I don’t want to spend the money
  • I need to downsize
    • But a new property is too expensive which will leave me out of pocket and cash flow to live on
    • I have lots of equity in my home (even no loan) but don’t have enough money to live on
    • I don’t have a loan but I still cant come out monthly with the cost of living and keeping the home maintained
  • My house is just too large for me
    • I wish I could sell off half of my property and keep my home
  • How do I develop my property to rent out or sell of what I have developed
    • How do I develop my property if I cannot get a loan
  • Should I sell through my local estate agent or can I get a better price elsewhere
  • I am worried about what inflation will do to my current retirement income

Can you relate to any of the above?

If yes, unfortunately for you there are a lot of other baby boomers in the above position not knowing where to from here

A high percentage of baby boomers are downsizing their home for retirement, or thinking of down sizing their home but are not sure about “how is the best way to downsize and come out with enough capital to retire on, in the lifestyle they want and deserve for themselves!”

You may not even be aware of the changes announced in the Budget which came into effect in July 2018 for those aged 65-plus who have owned their primary residence for more than ten years and will now be able to sell their family home and contribute up to $300,000 from the sale into their Super to boost retirement benefits.

All very well, but what do you then downsize into?

Before you sell or call in your local estate agent, you would want to have a general conversation with professionals such as us, who know and understand where you are now and where you need to be at a time in the future … whilst being very mindful of how inflation is going to further erode what you have today.

We get to understand your current situation, your present and future requirements and we share general advice on how best to maximise your position today, so that you are able to better look after yourselves financially into the future!

Your local estate agent needs your property to sell and yes may very well do a good job … but ask yourself is there an alternative way to maximise your family home so that you definitely do come away with more (much needed) capital in your own pocket to help you live a life you deserve into retirement?

Downsize, sell your home and live Rent Free

A high percentage of home owners who own their own properties continue to struggle to maintain the home but also struggle to come out each month with enough

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